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Learn, connect & engage. Multiply your planned Gifts. 2016 Practical Planned Giving Conference - September 26-27, 2016 in Chicago
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Maximizing Success

Maximizing Your Gift Planning Success

Speaker: Brian Sagrestano

Gift planning is often portrayed as a difficult area of development to master due to the complex tax code provisions and legal requirements. However, years of completing gift planning program assessments have demonstrated that 1) successful gift planners are lifelong learners eager to find out creative ways to help prospective donors and 2) successful gift planning programs are purposeful, creating annual plans and building structure for prospective donor engagement, marketing/stewardship and program infrastructure. Being a technician can be a piece of the puzzle, but willingness to learn, structured thinking, a donor-focused mindset and a purposeful program with true measures of success are all much more important than technical prowess.

Drawing from his new books  with co-author Robert E. Wahlers (Getting Started in Charitable Gift Planning and the accompanying Resource Book, Charity Channel Press, 2016), Brian will share how you can enhance your gift planning performance by improving both your work as a gift planner and your gift planning program itself. If you've ever worried that you don't have the skills you need to be successful, or that your program lacks key elements to thrive, this session will show you how much you already know, what else you need to do to maximize success, and where to find the resources to make it happen.

Using a Leadership Driven Case to Recruit Donors to Your Board

Speaker: Robert Wahlers

Boards that give and boards that lead are the best asset for a nonprofit organization.  This active session will discuss the use of a Leadership Driven Case as a proven tool for closing gifts and recruiting top talent to your board.  The use of a donor-focused philanthropic planning model will be explained to help your donors achieve their goals.  As a gift planner, how can you assist in helping to close major, blended or planned gifts in this process?  In addition, New Trustee Orientation and Governance materials will be shared that can support training and then motivating your board members to help your charity exceed its goals.  In that an open discussion is helpful to learning, involvement from each of the attendees will be part of the method to acquaint you with the process. So come with your best practices to share with the group.

Playing Nicely in the Sandbox: Gift Planning Collaboration

Speaker: Lynn Malzone Ierardi

The University of Pennsylvania completed its $3.5 billion campaign with gifts of more than $4.3 billion. Gift planning collaboration was critical to the campaign success and continues to play a significant role in the post-campaign momentum to raise funds for strategic initiatives, including Penn's intention to raise $1 billion dollars for financial aid by 2020. In this interactive session, we will review strategies for effectively integrating gift planning into your overall development program. We will talk about metrics and other tools for measuring success. Finally, we will build on this by digging a little deeper into specific examples of integration and collaboration, particularly with colleagues in areas such as annual and major gifts. Come to this session prepared to collaborate!

How Donor Advised Funds Can Substantially Impact Future Charitable Giving

Speaker: Kirk Hoopingarner

The number of donor advised funds and the total contributed to such funds have both grown substantially in recent years.  Kirk will briefly describe the evolution of such funds and various options being provided to donors.  He will then discuss ways this impacts charitable giving, including monitoring and processing donations from such funds, and how this compares to relationships with trustees, officers and directors of private foundations.  He will also provide suggestions for collaborations with sponsors (including coordination over donations of non-cash gifts), and will describe ways to discuss the donor advised fund options with donors.  This session will further explore the future of such funds in light of various legislative proposals, what is entailed in a charitable organization sponsoring a donor advised fund program, and when private foundations may still make sense.

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