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Learn, connect & engage. Multiply your planned Gifts. 2016 Practical Planned Giving Conference - September 26-27, 2016 in Chicago
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Building Relationships

"Would it be beneficial to you to make a gift with something other than cash?" and Other Questions that Engage Donors in a Leveraged Giving Discussion

Speaker: John McKee

Anyone whose job includes assignments to high level donor prospects faces a golden opportunity at a certain point in the donor relationship: a future gift is in the air, and the donor wants to hear more. To show your prospects leveraged giving options — gifts of appreciated stocks, non-cash assets, bequests & other planned gifts — the development officer must know how to initiate that discussion early in the gift discussion, and know what information from the donor determines the 1-3 best leveraged giving options available to them. Attendees of this engaging session will understand what information is needed to present giving options and how to comfortably engage prospects in the gift planning process.

Boomer Marketing

Speaker: Charles Schultz

Bequest campaign marketing to the 78 million Baby Boomers is essential to build endowment. With about half of the $85 trillion in household net worth held by Boomers, you need an effective bequest marketing strategy. Come learn how to double or triple your bequest commitments with four levels of bequest marketing plans.

Teamwork Makes a Dream Work: The Love Connection Between Gift Planners, Donors, and Their Advisors

Speaker: Jeremy Belsky

When it comes to working with donors and their advisors, do you feel collaboration or threat? As gift planner, you don't want to make your donor feel like they have to take sides. Unfortunately stereotypes exist between gift planners and advisors. Utilizing the CAP® philosophy, a cross blended approach to working in partnership for the benefit of the donor is best. But to get there, the gift planner first has to develop the relationship. Attendees will learn the value of being or working with "the most trusted advisor" to strategize and assure the smartest gift possible for the donor. When you focus on the donor from a holistic approach as a guide and creator and not a selfish taker, it will build trust and confidence among your donor and their advisor. This ultimately leads to your number one goal — honoring the donor's charitable intent.

Simplify The Approach, Simplify The Ask

Speaker: Joseph Tumolo

Planned giving does not have to be complicated or a huge drain on your organization's resources.

We'll discuss simple ways of:

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