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Learn, connect & engage. Multiply your planned Gifts. 2016 Practical Planned Giving Conference - September 26-27, 2016 in Chicago
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Working as a Team

What Gift Planning Donors Really Want... It May Not Be What You Think

Speaker: Scott Lumpkin

Understanding what donors really want is the key to closing bigger, better gifts, and more satisfied donors. But that's not always an easy task. Scott Lumpkin, nationally recognized gift planning expert and former vice chancellor of advancement at the University of Denver, provides practical tools for deciphering what donors really mean and want, conversational planned giving tips, creative ways to motivate donors, and strategies for keeping gift planning prospects moving forward toward the best possible gift.

Blended Gifts: From Concept to Closure

Speaker: Jeff Comfort

Planned gifts and major gifts are the two titans of the fundraising world.  They account for the largest gifts and a majority of gift totals at virtually every charity in the U.S. When these two titans collaborate, as Aristotle wrote, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Blended gifts: its about helping donors maximize their philanthropy. In a nutshell, when donors maximize their philanthropy, charities receive bigger gifts and bigger benefits.

Establishing a Professional Advisory Council (PAC) and/or Agents of Wealth Program (AWP) Opportunities and Challenges

Speaker: Jim Connell

There are many methods and reasons to get professional advisors on board to support your gift planning efforts.  Educated advisors with the correct commitment to your charity may have influence over probable donors or may assist with marketing efforts.  Educated advisors may be reluctant to "torpedo" gift plans.  With a step by step approach, this session will cover the opportunities and challenges of creating successful PAC and AWP efforts.

How to Engage Financial Advisors and Distinguish Your Organization

Speaker: Ruby A. Pediangco

Now that the Charitable IRA Rollover is a permanent gift planning strategy, financial advisors will have a larger presence in fundraising efforts. Do you know what motivates your donor's trusted advisor to discuss philanthropy? This session, led by a former planned giving director now working within the financial services industry, will share three key areas that influence an advisor's charitable giving discussion with donors and will provide tips on how to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities. Attend this session and maximize your relationships within the financial planning community.

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