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Learn, connect & engage. Multiply your planned Gifts. 2016 Practical Planned Giving Conference - September 26-27, 2016 in Chicago
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Excelling at Marketing

Making the Connection

Speaker: Sarah Durham

Making a planned gift to a nonprofit is a deeply personal decision and one that is not made lightly. In order for a donor to feel your organization should be part of her philanthropic legacy, she needs to have the right perception of who your organization is — she needs to connect with the way you talk about the work you do, what you value, the personality you represent, and more. This breakout session will explore how brandraising can help your organization shape those perceptions and build the relationships that will inspire planned gifts. 

Getting Results with Email

Speakers: Christopher Jaarda and Kristen Schultz Jaarda

Are you getting results from your planned giving emails? How do you create an email message that encourages your supporters to respond, request additional information and even a personal visit? What types of messages get the best results with your donors? How can A/B Testing help you increase email performance? Hear from a panel of fundraisers who have written effective planned giving emails and used A/B testing to increase responses from their donors and motivate them to give.

Making the Planned Giving Case for Support

Speaker: Betsy Chapin Taylor

You know that you need a compelling case for support of planned giving, and simply sharing facts about the organization and tax benefits just won't cut it.  This session explores how to create a resonant case that melds both the rational and emotional reasons for giving, taps into insights from related fields like behavioral economics and integrates lessons from great storytelling into your message.  Ultimately, this session explores how you can craft a resonant case for planned giving that inspires donors and motivates them to action.  

Case Studies in Generational Marketing

Speaker: Julie Heggeness

This interactive session will allow the audience to learn how to target your marketing for different age groups.  We will explore Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomers and the Greatest Generation.  A comprehensive planned gift program seeks to maximize gift opportunities from all age groups. For older donors, it's life income to supplement social security, pay less taxes and remove property from estate during lifetimes.  For younger donors, life income gifts can act as a supplementary retirement plan, provide life income to individuals other than themselves, or help reduce estate taxes and capital gains taxes. We will explore all types of marketing to get you the most bang for your buck.

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